About us


Nadescha San Stenzel - Founder and director, Design, Production management, Marketing

Ulli Hellena Binder - Sales, Customer service, Business development

Christoph Stenzel - Acquisition

Sarah Mitternacht - Shipping


How did it all begin?

I have always had a love of creating beautiful things. Thanks to my mum, I learned early on how to sew, knit and crochet. As a teenager I started designing and making my own clothes, and of course not one Christmas passed without my loved ones receiving handmade items by yours truly!

When my eldest son was born in 2010, it was only natural that I made clothes for him. I paid great attention to only using organic or pre-loved fabrics. Through experience, I learned what worked and what didn’t, and especially what was comfortable and practical for babies to wear (and for parents to put on their babies!). My mama-friends also started benefitting from my new-found love of creating cute baby clothes – and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. After my daughter was born in 2013, I finally decided to take the plunge and set up Cheeky Apple for babies and kids. And I haven’t looked back!

In 2019 our third child was born - and once again we can enjoy our beautiful range of baby clothing for our own precious baby.

To me, comfortsustainability, and fair production are absolutely essential.

Each item is tried and tested on my own children, who by the way all wore cloth nappies. I pay special attention to maximum comfort, ensuring that clothing is easy to put on, stretchy in all the right places, and doesn’t pinch or poke anywhere. All the while looking stylish, of course!

All Cheeky Apple products are made from certified organic cotton, ensuring ecologically-friendly, non-toxic, socially responsible clothing. And yes, dressing your kids in organic clothing does not mean you need to limit yourself to shades of beige or pale green… Clothing can be organic AND colourful - you don’t need to make any compromises!

All Cheeky Apple items are individually designed, and are produced under fair conditions by a small family-run business in Croatia. Everyone who is involved in helping me run the business receives fair compensation for the work carried out and works under fair conditions, meaning more for everyone: more equality, more fairness, more free time for our families.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Nadescha San Stenzel